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Captain America’s Life

Is he never going to age? Is that one of the side-effects of his condition? We know he got super big and strong, and we know he can’t get drunk, and we know that when he was frozen for 70 years he emerged looking precisely the same. Does that mean he can’t age?

If he can’t, that’s very depressing. He’s already an emotional, empathetic guy who genuinely cares about his friends and family more than he cares about himself. If he never ages, all the people he loves will continue to grow older than him. And then they’ll die. And then this will happen all over again for all eternity.

He’ll never find love. It’ll be like Benjamin Button where everything will be perfect for a short while until time and his freak-of-nature status tears his heart apart and rips away the girl he loves.

His entire existence, (which could be infinite, for all we know), will be a series of loss and broken hearts. Poor Steve Rogers. He just wanted to fight for his country.

…Has this occurred to anyone else?