My name is Chelsea. 22, collegiate life. My weaknesses include craft beers, bearded men, and the Oxford comma.
Finally picked a topic for my Human Sex paper!

I’m researching the psychological and physiological reasons why women are attracted to “the bad boy.”

Ladies, we’ve all been there (I certainly have). It’s time to get to the bottom of this phenomenon.

I’m asking the universal question: Why do we all want John Bender to pump his fist in the air for us?

The Sound of Paper Rubbing Together

I don’t remember what I said out loud, but
He replied, “I’m down with that.”
He’s reading The Hobbit.
A book I always found too dense
With history.
He likes it like one of those
War documentaries he always plays but I
Never watch.
The novel,
With its cover’s corners pulled apart,
Revealing its paper white insides like,
An eye looking up,
Exhales in time with his slow blinks.
The page turns.

He wears his shoes in bed.
That’s why I sit in the chair.