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My very brief thoughts.

A lot of the comments I see from Romney supporters on social media are interesting. I’d say 4 out of every 5 pro-Romney posts since the news of Barack’s official reelection have been about bashing the incumbent as opposed to congratulating Romney on a good run. That just shows that these individuals did not support their candidate. Instead, they wasted their time and energy on making negative remarks against Obama. Negative comments aren’t going to fix America. Progress stems from positivity.

Although I still stand by the fact that, in order for progress to truly be made, Congress needs to put party politics aside and start working together for change.

(Also… Romney supporters planning on moving to Canada, do you realize that Canada has universal healthcare and legal gay marriage?)

And on a final note- I think congratulations are in order for supporters of LGBT rights. These are the votes I’m MOST proud of tonight.

My Tweets During Tonight’s Debate:

I may be more afraid of having Ann Romney as First Lady than having Mitt as President. She is a horrible representation of American women.

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I’m voting for Barack Obama this November, and here’s why:

This November will be the first time I am eligible to vote in a presidential election, and while many people don’t think that’s a very big deal, I do. And my vote is going to Barack Obama.

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