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Quick Note on TFiOS as we all prep for the movie.

I’ve seen a lot of comments lately challenging the book on how it over-romanticizes its major themes, and I feel compelled to argue¬†that we as a society tend to over-romanticize these same things. Think about even the practice of hosting funerals and celebrating life in death. Over-romanticizing is generally how we deal with otherwise difficult, inexplicable topics and I think TFiOS captures that incredibly well.


I need to stop reading books about death for awhile.

I just read “Perfect” by Ellen Hopkins, which is the sequel to one of my top five FAVORITE books of all time, “Impulse.” It didn’t quite reach the emotional level “Impulse” did for me, but hey, that’s an incredibly high standard. And it’s Ellen Hopkins, so of course it was amazing anyway.

I think I’m going to read a couple, quick young-adult-summer-flingy-pg-13-romance stuff for a bit. Reading all these death-themed books is harshing my summer mellow.